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Payment Methods

In this way, the customer pays when receiving the shipment.

You will be contacted after choosing this option

Vodafone Cash will be contacted after choosing this option

There are other payment methods such as the smart governor, Instapay, and if you want to pay in a way that is not mentioned, please contact us


Medbay is shipping within the Arab Republic of Egypt only

The shipping period for Cairo, Giza and Alexandria within 1-2 days

The rest of Egypt’s governorates within 2-5 days

Knowing that Friday and official holidays are not shipped in it

The price of shipping Cairo, Giza and Alexandria for free
The rest of the governorates of Egypt with 80 Egyptian pounds


There is a guarantee of replacement and recovery for 14 days on all the company’s products

Please send a message via a contact page or communicate WhatsApp via the WhatsApp button next to the screen