TIELLE™ Plus Dressing, MTP502I, 15 cm x 20 cm 5 ea/bx

TIELLE™ Plus Dressing, MTP502I, 15 cm x 20 cm 5 ea/bx

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TIELLE™ Plus Dressing, MTP502I, 15 cm x 20 cm 5 ea/bx

Overall Length (Imperial)
7.75 in
Overall Length (Metric)
20 cm
Overall Width (Imperial)
5.875 in
Overall Width (Metric)
15 cm
Pack Quantity
5 ea/bx
Units per Pack
Product Details
  • Provides a secure covering for the duration of wear
  • Shower-proof
  • Moist wound healing environment
  • Expands and conforms to the wound bed

This dressing is an adhesive dressing made of hydropolymer foam with optimised LIQUALOCK™ absorption technology for moderately to heavily exuding wounds.

This dressing is breathable and conformable to the wound bed.1 Allows removal without trauma at dressing changes.1 Dressing is cost-effective as it requires infrequent changes (can be left for up to 7 days).1 Its super-absorbent core removes exudate1 and can absorb up to 35 times its own weight in fluid.2

This dressing has performed exceptionally well in studies (2121 patients) with 93% of patients* benefited from a change in dressing.2

1 Ballard K. Clinical and scientific data of a hydropolymer range of dressings. Brittish Journal of Nursing. 2002; 11(20).
2 Schulze HJ. Clinical evaluation of TIELLE™ Plus dressing in the management of exudating chronic wounds. Brittish Journal of Community Nursing. 2003; 8(11):18-22.

*43% wounds healed and 50.4% considered improved within 12 weeks of treatment


Suggested Applications

  • Can be used in moderate to heavily exuding, partial and full thickness wounds including: pressure ulcers, venous, arterial and mixed aetiology ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, donor sites


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