FUTURO™ Night Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support

FUTURO™ Night Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support

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FUTURO™ Night Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support


When plantar fasciitis keeps you from running and doing the things you love, recovery can’t come fast enough. The FUTURO Plantar Fasciitis Night Support cradles your foot in the recommended position to help you feel better in the morning. The low-profile design doesn’t distract as you’re drifting off, and the breathable, lightweight materials help keep you cool throughout the night. Help your foot rest while you sleep with the comforting support of the FUTURO Plantar Fasciitis Night Support.

  • Helps relieve plantar fasciitis symptoms
  • Foot strap for custom secure fit around your foot
  • Strong hook tab fastners to hold securly while wearing
  • Breathable, moisture-releasing straps are adjustable, durable and soft
  • Soft edges feel smooth against your skin
  • Durable cushion provides lasting comfort as you sleep
  • Convenient design can be worn on the right or left foot
  • Supported by our expert panel of engineers and medical professionals
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Color: Navy


  • NightPlantarFasciitis

    How to Wear

    1. Loosen fasteners on calf and foot straps. Slide foot through calf strap so support rests on top of foot.

  • NightPlantarFasciitis

    2. Adjust position of support so calf strap is approximately 2 inches above the ankle bone. Adjust calf strap from both sides to provide a firm, yet comfortable fit.

  • NightPlantarFasciitis

    3. Center wide portion of foot strap under ball of foot. Attach fastener on wider end of foot strap to top of support. Pull toes up, wrap remaining strap around foot and attach fastener.

  • Care Instructions

    Remove calf and foot straps from rigid plastic support. Secure fasteners to straps prior to washing. Hand-wash components separately with mild soap in warm (not hot) water. Rinse well and air dry fabric components. Towel dry plastic component.

    DO NOT: machine wash, tumble dry, dry clean, or use bleach or fabric softeners.


Body Part
Color Family
Arthritis, Pinched Nerve, Plantar Fasciitis, Sprains, Strains, Tendonitis
Fit Range
8″ to 15″
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Product Color
Product Type
Support, Wrap around
Product Use
Arch/Heel Pain, Foot, Arch & Heel Pain, Foot/Heel Pain, General Support for Athletic Activity, Moderate/Occasional Pain, Recovery, Tendonitis
Adjustable, Adjustable
Sizes Available
One Size – Adjustable
Support and Compression Level
Firm, Firm-Stabilizing
Support Level
Firm, Firm-Stabilizing
Support Level Description
Provides a higher level of support using a combination of power stretch and non-stretch materials and may include shock absorbing materials to help relieve symptoms associated with strains, sprains, arthritis, repetitive stress injuries and to help prevent re-injury.
Use For
Foot/heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis
Website Reference ID
Where to Measure
Measure around ankle 2″ above ankle bone.


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