3M™ Nu-Gel™ Hydrogel with Alginate

3M™ Nu-Gel™ Hydrogel with Alginate

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3M™ Nu-Gel™ Hydrogel with Alginate

Dressing Type
Net Weight (Metric)
15 g, 25 g
Pack Quantity
10/bx, 6/box
Volume (Imperial)
0.52 fl oz, 0.88 fl oz
Product Details
  • Easy to use ampoule
  • The alginate component increases the absorptive capacity1
  • Longer wear time vs Intrasite Gel1

A transparent, amorphous hydrogel containing sodium alginate to gently and effectively debride necrotic tissue and fibrinous slough.

3M™ Nu-Gel™ Hydrogel with Alginate creates a moist wound healing environment which assists with natural autolytic debridement by donating moisture to the wound bed whilst the alginate component enhances its absorptive capabilities.

The gel also can be used to soften and hydrate eschar by facilitating rehydration of the wound.

1 Young, T. et al. A study of two hydrogels used in the management of pressure sores, Published in the Proceedings of the 6th European Conference on Advances in Wound Management 1997.


Suggested Applications

  • Indicated for autolytic debridement of necrotic and sloughy wounds


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