3M™ Adaptic™ Non-Adhering Dressing

3M™ Adaptic™ Non-Adhering Dressing

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3M™ Adaptic™ Non-Adhering Dressing

A6222, A6223, A6266
Overall Length (Imperial)
16 in, 3 in, 60 in, 8 in, 9 in
Overall Length (Metric)
10 cm, 152.4 cm, 20.3 cm, 22.9 cm, 40.6 cm, 7.6 cm
Overall Width (Imperial)
3 in, 5 in
Overall Width (Metric)
10 cm, 12.7 cm, 7.6 cm
Pack Quantity
10 rl/bx, 12 ea/ct – 6 ct/bx, 24 ea/ct – 6 ct/bx, 24/bx, 36 ea/ct – 6 ct/bx, 50 ea/ct – 12 ct/bx, 50/bx
Product Details
  • Enables fluid transfer to a secondary dressing, reducing the risk of exudate pooling and maceration1
  • Can be used under compression²
  • Cuttable

3M™ Adaptic™ Non-Adhering Dressing is a primary wound contact layer made of knitted cellulose acetate with a woven mesh structure impregnated with petrolatum emulsion, allowing easy removal whilst minimising pain at dressing change¹.

3M™ Adaptic™ Non-Adhering Dressings unique composition helps protect regenerating tissue by minimizing wound trauma at dressing change.1 The pore size of 3M™ Adaptic™ Non-Adhering Dressing is designed to minimize the pooling of fluid at the wound site and allows the free passage of exudate through the dressing.1

1 Terrill PJ, Varugnese G. A comparison of three primary no-adherent dressings applied to hand surgery wounds. Journal of Wound Care. 2000; 9(8): 359 – 363.

2 Vin, F. et al. The healing properties of Promogran in venous leg ulcers. J. Wound Care 2002; 11(9):335-41.


Suggested Applications

  • Suitable for dry to highly exuding wounds including: first and second-degree burns, lacerations and abrasions, skin grafts, venous ulcers, decubitus ulcers, nail extractions, eczema, staples and suture lines, surgical incisions and reconstruction procedures


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