3M™ Adaptic™ Digit Non-Adhering Dressing

3M™ Adaptic™ Digit Non-Adhering Dressing

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3M™ Adaptic™ Digit Non-Adhering Dressing


Body Part
Finger, Toe
Overall Diameter (Imperial)
0.75 in, 1 in, 1.125 in, 1.25 in
Overall Diameter (Metric)
2 cm, 2.4 cm, 2.5 cm, 2.8 cm, 3 cm
Pack Quantity
10 ea/bx
Sizes Available
Large, Medium, Small, X-Large
Product Details
  • Conformable digit dressing allowing for maximum digit flexibility
  • Easy to apply and helps minimise trauma associated with dressing changes1
  • No secondary retention necessary
  • May be left in place for several days

3M™ Adaptic™ Digit Non-Adhering Dressing is a non-adherent dressing combining a low-tack silicone-coated material with a tubular bandage specifically designed for treating wounds on fingers and toes. 3M™ Adaptic™ Digit Dressing can be easily applied and removed without the need for an applicator or scissors.

3M™ Adaptic™ Digit Non-Adhering Dressing is a conformable, non-bulky, digit dressing allowing maximum finger and/or toe movement, whilst not adhering to the wound. 3M™ Adaptic™ Digit Dressing allows patients to self manage their dressing changes at home. 1 Whittaker S. A dressing for the occasion? A comparative trial of two dressings for digit injuries. Professional Nurse Magazine, 1994 Aug. 729-732.

Suggested Applications

  • Indicated to manage a range of mild to severe digit injuries, such as: lacerations and abrasions, traumatic injuries, nail extractions, suture lines


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